Featured Speakers

Jennifer Campbell represents a variety of professional speakers across North America who have the ability to motivate and inspire your audience. Do you have a need for a keynote speaker, an emcee or a panel guest at your next event? If so, we can connect you with the perfect talent to fit your needs. Below is a list of current featured speakers. To inquire about booking these speakers or others represented by JCC, please contact us.



From homeless musician to millionaire. By 2008 Jeff Lerner, a native of Houston, TX, had failed life miserably - he was a personal, professional, and physical mess... $400,000 in debt, out of work, overweight, and his love life wrecked.  “The guy in the mirror disgusted me and, to be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to keep going. In a moment like that, when all seemed lost, one question begged to be answered.  Could I take the wreckage of my life and turn it into something awesome?" The answer was yes. Over a decade later Jeff is an in-demand international speaker and active founder/cofounder of several successful companies. His story proves that no matter how far down you may be, you’re definitely not out.

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Lauren Sisler is a multi national award-winning sports broadcaster for ESPN and SEC Network and serves as a sports reporter and host at AL.com. However, Lauren's journey was not always full of victories and celebrations. In 2003 as a freshman at Rutgers University, tragedy struck Lauren's world when she unexpectedly lost both of her parents, Lesley and George Sisler, to their concealed battle with addiction. Through her grief and despair, Lauren somehow found the courage to continue moving forward and find success. Lauren now shares her story across the country in hopes of spreading awareness about the dangers of addiction and the devastation it can cause for those who abuse substances, their loved ones, and the community.



Mike Vest has a message to share: there is always hope. From a young age Mike learned that life can be tough but it's not about what life throws at you, it's about how you react. From a broken home to a broken neck, listen to how this motivational leader uses his experience with pain and loss to impact his community and inspire others to lead their best lives. A former professional singer, Mike spent 9 years performing in Nashville as a country musician. When Mike shares his story he also shares his music, his humor and his optimism that is sure to motivate any audience member to take a look at their life and find how to appreciate more, overcome their obstacles and live with joy in their hearts.

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Chad Yeilding - FormER Secret Service Agent, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker

Every decision you’ve made, from what you chose to have for breakfast 10 years ago to where you parked your car today, has brought you to this very point in your life. Chad Yeilding knows that every time you make a choice, it has a ripple effect on your future. Chad tells his inspirational story of how a promise he made to his baby girl, followed by tragedy and devastation, led him to a life less ordinary. From overweight, under-achiever to United States Secret Service Agent to successful business owner, this family man’s journey will not only uplift you but have you making smarter decisions and building the life of your dreams.